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Before I get into the news let me give a brief introduction on NetDMR.

NetDMR is a tool for regulated Clean Water Act Permittees to submit discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) electronically via the Internet to U.S. EPA. So, this system allows facilities to discontinue the use of paper forms for reporting and making it easier for facilities to comply with regulatory requirements.

Based on the recent email to all the NetDMR users, the State Division of Water (KDOW) had a monthly call with EPA regarding NetDMR portal, and there are few things that were highlighted for all the users who are facing some issues with the portal.

As listed in the state’s email:

  • If you use the import/upload feature – there is a problem with the comments field at this time.  The comments are not being uploaded to the system.  EPA has a work ticket in place and this will be fixed in the next release scheduled for the end of October.  In the meantime, you will need to manually open the DMR and add the comments to the comment section.


  • Attachments – If you enter your DMR data and do not save before adding an attachment, the system will erase all your data.  Be sure to Save & Continue before adding attachments.  EPA has a work ticket in for this and it will be fixed in the next upgrade scheduled for March 2016.


  • Passwords – Several users are having problems with their passwords.  EPA discovered a break in the link to NetDMR.  The fix to this problem is to delete the saved bookmark, clear saved cache, click this link https://netdmr.epa.gov/netdmr/public/home.htm , save the new link.


Meanwhile, before these issues get resolved if you have any trouble submitting NetDMR, we recommend that you contact Cheryl Edwards at KDOW.

In addition, KDOW wants all the NetDMR users to take a moment and look at who all has access to the permit in NetDMR and let them know if anyone needs to be removed who had left or no longer needs the access to the NetDMR.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns in understanding NetDMR.  I can be reached at shrivani@smithmanage.com.

September 29, 2015


September 28, 2015

Final Update V Released

September 25, 2015






A local company engaged in manufacturing imported a small amount of a chemical substance defined under TSCA. Faced with a potential EPA enforcement action with penalties assessed for noncompliance under TSCA of up to $32,500 per day per violation, the company called SMG for help.


SMG analyzed the company’s current TSCA procedures and assisted the company in developing a proactive, cost-effective compliance procedure. SMG also facilitated a training program to educate employees about TSCA.

SMG worked with the company to develop mechanisms that assured adherence with the policies that were being implemented for compliance. Procedures to promptly correct any potential violations and prevent future violations were also put into place.


SMG was able to show that the company complied with the relevant TSCA regulations and was improving their TSCA policies and procedures to assure that future issues were less likely to occur. The company was not subjected to the proposed penalties and now has mechanisms in place to maintain TSCA compliance.