In this post-recession economy where things are starting to move faster and multiple projects are getting the green light, it is pivotal to stay on top of ongoing projects and scheduling.  Kyle Hagen, one of SMG’s senior engineers completed a seminar course on “Managing Multiple Projects, Competing Priorities and Tight Deadlines”  put on by National Seminars Training. Mr. Hagen took away some good recommendations from the seminar such as:

  • To organize documents or emails that have piled up, start from the bottom and work up to classify and clear out the file/email;
  • Break out projects into tasks and create a prioritized To-Do List;
  • Remove unwanted distractions such as email. Start by turning off email and only checking it four times a day around 8 am, 11 am, 2 pm and 4 pm.

These are just the three small steps that Mr. Hagen will be implementing over the next couple of weeks, since limiting work habit changes to small doable steps are more likely to take root.