The Kentucky Energy & Environment Cabinet (EEC) and Kentucky Public Protection (PPC) websites were down over the past week.  The Cabinet worked hard to correct the issue, and the issue has been resolved as of today.  The difficulty with web access experienced over the past week impacts us and many of our clients who routinely rely upon data and information from the Department of Environmental Protection air, water, waste and other sites.

SMG spoke with DEP personnel regarding the website access limitations and the negative impact to regulated parties.    In the event that additional downtime occurs, we would like to pass along what we learned.

One of the pressing items for our clients involves stormwater permits.  While the main site at was down, the portal pages for eNOI submissions for stormwater operating permits appeared to be available.  We are providing links below which may be useful.  We cannot, however, guarantee that they will function properly or that the data will be able to be processed once the submit button is pressed.

KPDES FORM NOI-SW (Construction):…11/30/2010

KPDES FORM NOI-SW (Industrial Operating):

SMG actively advocates for clients on permitting issues.  If you have a project with a pressing permitting schedule or have a permit application in processing, be aware that the impacts of the current website crisis may be substantial.  Feel welcome to contact SMG for consultation.