Last week another “Stoner Memo” was published.  This time, the memo announced a new framework for implementing the Clean Water Act Section 303(d) Program – in other words, the TMDL program.  The full memo can be read here, but highlights include:

  • States and EPA have been developing this framework since August 2011;
  • The framework “does not alter the CWA 303(d) regulations, [but] it does encourage States to develop tailored strategies to implement their CWA 303(d) Program responsibilities in the context of their overall water quality goals.”
  • The memo directs each EPA region to “work closely with their States on setting priorities in such settings as Performance Partnership Agreements/Grants.

The entire framework can be read here.  In addition, EPA has published a webpage to highlight the framework.  It can be found here.

SMG will study the framework and break it down for you at a later date.