It’s easy for businesses to become complacent about hazardous materials and hazardous waste management, especially when hazardous chemicals are not their primary business.  Some managers are lulled into thinking that hazardous material regulations and hazardous waste regulations really don’t apply to them since they deal with small quantities and are not in the chemicals industry.  A recent EPA settlement may make such companies think again.  EPA announced a settlement with Macy’s on October 25, 2017 over hazardous waste violations at several of its retail locations.  EPA enforcement staff reported to find Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) violations in Macy’s stores including failure to register as a small-quantity generator and failure to meet small quantity generator requirements, such as manifesting waste and providing appropriate employee training.  The EPA press release can be located here.

All business which generate hazardous wastes should be aware of applicable regulations and provide appropriate waste management.  Spent lightbulbs, used batteries, aerosol paint cans, common cleaners, and other materials may be regulated as hazardous waste when generated by businesses.  SMG routinely assists companies with RCRA compliance.  For assistance in classifying and managing your business wastes, please contact me at or 502-587-6482 extension 211.