A Louisville facility is seeking a modification to the Environmental Acceptability Goals (EAGs) of the Strategic Toxic Air Reduction (STAR) program administered by the Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District (District). The District has opened a public comment period from March 11, 2017 through April 10, 2017 and scheduled a public hearing in the Board Room of the District Offices on April 19, 2017.

The facility is seeking a change in allowable risk for fugitive emissions of the Toxic Air Contaminant 1,3-butadiene. The EAG modification requested by the facility would allow the facility to emit fugitive 1,3-butadiene at rates which have a modeled risk substantially greater than allowed under current District regulations. The EAG modification requested by the facility appears to be equal to 100% of risk allowed from all process and process equipment at nearby stationary sources.

How the District will handle future EAG modification requests by nearby stationary sources after granting a single source a modified EAG equal to 100% of the allowable multisource risk is not clear under this proposed action.

Stewart McCollam, P.E. is an Environmental Engineer with the Smith Management Group. Stewart can be reached at stewartm@smithmanage.com.