Disguised Cell Tower_JDF

On May 10, 2017, the FCC requested comments on the regulatory process for siting wireless infrastructure. This request by the FCC targets much of the lasting heartburn from the Nationwide Programmatic Agreement that has developed over the past decade.

The FCC is requesting comments on state and local review timeframes and implementation of NEPA regulations. The FCC focuses much of their comment request on the issue of tribal fees and review periods, and changes to the exclusions for new build and collocation sites. After years of stalled growth in tower deployment it appears the FCC is now listening to the needs of an industry that has its work cut out to deploy the promised 5G networks of the future for the cost-conscious marketplace.

The comment period expires on June 9, 2017. If you would like to share comments regarding what FCC regulations under NEPA should change you can do so online through the Federal Register Website. If you would like help developing comments, call us.

Josiah Frey is an Environmental Scientist at Smith Management Group. Josiah can be reached at josiahf@smithmanage.com