Karen Thompson Reappointed to the Kentucky Geological Survey Advisory Board

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Karen Thompson, P.G., with Smith Management Group has been reappointed by Governor Beshear to serve on the Kentucky Geological Survey’s Advisory Board.  Ms. Thompson’s new board term will expire on September 1, 2017.

Karen Thompson is a Registered Professional Geologist with twenty years experience with environmental projects including hazardous waste remediation, groundwater investigations and remedial technologies. She has worked with projects ranging from the complex to the simple and brings a sense of professionalism to each, regardless of size or complexity.

Her experience includes compliance assessments of the Department of Energy’s remedial RCRA/CERCLA activities at the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant; delineation of groundwater contaminant plumes; and evaluation of remedial technologies for petroleum and chlorinated solvents, groundwater modeling, and groundwater monitoring programs. She has been working with UST compliance and remediation since 2002. Karen also assists in the development and due diligence phases of the alternative energy industry.

Ms. Thompson has worked with EPA Region IV, various Kentucky regulatory agencies, citizens, and governmental officials to define environmental issues, address contamination of soil and groundwater and solve regulatory problems. Her graduate work focused on the influence of the Kentucky Lake and Tennessee River on groundwater flow for an adjacent watershed.

Ms. Thompson has served on the Advisory Board for the Kentucky Geologic Survey since 2003, including a stint as Chair of that body. Her involvement keeps her in tune with cutting edge research and scientific theory.

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