Small Distillers Environmental Permit Guide

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Kentucky has seen vast growth in the bourbon business including small distilleries or “craft distilleries.”  Such facilities perform industrial operations on a very small to small scale.  Despite the small scale, several environmental regulations may apply depending upon the activities performed and the quantities of materials processed and stored at the facility.  This presents compliance […]

Under the Microscope: KY's Sunset Bill

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Under the Microscope: KY House Bill 50 – Kentucky’s Regulation Sunset Bill Compared to Other States The Kentucky Legislature has enacted their version of a Bill that sunsets the states regulations. How does it compare to other States?

Review: KY Brownfield Development Program

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  The Brownfield Development program in Kentucky has been in force for several years. We have seen success in helping previously used properties become vibrant and effective places of business, contributing to their communities once again. The program revolves around a statute that grants exemptions from investigation and cleanup liability to a person that purchases […]

Changes in Kentucky SARA Title III Emergency Plans

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EPCRA serves a critical role to get facility hazardous material storage information to the community and emergency responders. In the past, emergency plans required by Section 302 have been called Tab Q-7 Plans because they were compiled into Annex Q-7 of the county plan. Changes are being made to transition the plans to a slightly […]


Kentucky Nutrient Management Strategy – Strategies and how this affects permits and permitted sources

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KY Nutrient Mgmt Strategy-Effects on Permits & Permitted Sources: Nutrients (Nitrogen and Phosphorus) are natural parts of aquatic ecosystem and support the growth of algae and aquatic plants which provide food and habitat for organisms that live in water. However, too many nutrients in the water cause algae to grow faster than ecosystems can handle […]

Air Dispersion Modeling

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Use of AERMOD for NAAQS Area Designations and State Implementation Plan Submittals

Stormwater Incentives

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As legal decisions shape the manner in which federal and state law are developed, more policy decisions are pushed to the local level. One such area is stormwater controls. This presentation will summarize how stormwater is regulated by four local governments in Kentucky (Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green and SD1) and provide specific overviews on how […]

Applicable Containers to SPCC Rule

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Kyle Hagen will cover the types of oil containers that are applicable to the SPCC Rule and are required to be included in the SPCC Plan for your facility.  In addition, the applicability of the various oil containers to the SPCC Rule will be covered along with container examples to demonstrate SPCC Rule applicability, the […]

Decoding the Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements

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The EPA Administrator signed the proposed Hazardous  Waste Generator Improvements  Rule on August 31, 201 5. The rule proposes updates to the hazardous  waste generator regulations, which affect many sources in Kentucky.     This presentation will help generators understand the two key provisions in the proposed rule: 1)  hazardous  waste generator may avoid the increased burden […]

It's Time to Brush the Dust Off of the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA)

This presentation summarizes the potential 2016 changes to TSCA


Permits and Off-Permit Requirements: What Do They Look Like and How Can You Manage Them?

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SMG’s job has always been to help the regulated community deal with the issues and requirements facing them in as efficient and comprehensive a way as possible. That is just getting harder and harder. This article is designed to help the regulated community best manage Permit Requirements Part 1 of 2 parts.    


Before Your Break Ground: How to Address Endangered Species, Wetlands, and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

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Josiah Frey and William Shane provided useful insights to attendees of the 2015 Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Environmental Permitting Conference.  Their presentation focuses upon permitting concerns associated with property development issues.  

Kentucky Energy Management Conference: Regulatory Update

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Sara Smith presented at the 2015 Kentucky Chamber Energy Conference on Regulatory Changes affecting Energy (2015).  This presentation outlines changes in the Methane Rule for the Oil and Gas Industry, the new Ozone standard, and ORSANCO requirements.

Avoiding EPCRA Reporting Violations

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At the 2015 Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Environment Permitting Conference, Sara Smith presented a “how-to” on avoiding EPCRA Reporting Violations.

New USFWS Listed Bat Species Impact

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Due to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (USFWS) threatened species listing and interim rule for the Northern Long-eared Bat, most projects in Kentucky that include clearing of trees will now have to consider protection of it and the Federally endangered Indiana Bat.

SPCC and GPP: A Crash Course

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Learn the latest developments and regulatory requirements for spill plans and groundwater protection plans. Presented at the 13th Annual Environmental Conference for the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.

gpp ,SPCC


Air Quality Issues Watch

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Scott Smith discussed expected changes in air quality regulations to watch for in 2015.

EUOGS-NSPS Subpart OOOO-11-07-2014

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Kyle Hagen explained applicability and compliance issues of 40 CFR 60 Subpart OOOO at the 2014 Eastern Unconventional Oil & Gas Symposium.


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Kori Andrews presented at the Eastern Unconventional Oil and Gas Symposium, November 6-7, 2014. Part 1 of a 2 part presentation.s

Why Should I Care About Water Quality Standards

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Daniel Hardin, P.E. & William Shane, P.E. presented at the Eastern Unconventional Oil and Gas Symposium, November 6-7, 2014.

The Changing Landscapes In Kentucky

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Slides for the 2014 Governor’s Conference on Energy and the Environment presentation.

Impacts of the “Waters of the U.S.” Proposed Rule

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Kori Andrews presented on the potential impacts of the “Waters of the U.S.” proposed rule at the 2014 KY Chamber Environmental Permitting Conference.

THE ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT – Chamber Permitting Conf 2014

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Scott R. Smith presented at the 2014 KY Chamber Environmental Permitting Conference.

Regulation of Waters of United States: The Rules are About to Change

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Kori Andrews discusses the proposed “Waters of the U.S.” rule, proposed by US EPA and the US Army Corps of Engineers. Presented at the Annual Environmental Permitting Conference for the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.

Potential Impacts of Kentucky’s Nutrient Strategy

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Kyle Hagen and William Shane explained what to anticipate as nutrient standards are promulgated at the 2014 KY Chamber Environmental Permitting Conference.

Water Quality Issues Facing KY Distillers

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Scott Smith presented on Water Quality Standards, TMDLs, Stormwater Permitting, and Waters of the U.S.