Energy Services

As energy issues have moved onto the front page, SMG has developed expertise in numerous aspects of project development. SMG developed the Kentucky Energy Project Site Bank which provides an evaluation of over 40 sites available for energy projects in Kentucky. We have developed criteria for siting decisions for energy projects ranging from Coal-to-Liquid Fuels, Coal-to-Gas, Biomass, Nuclear, Solar and Wind technologies. We have applied our permitting expertise to the first coal gasification facility in Kentucky, as well as for biomass-to-electricity, biomass fuel processing, ethanol and traditional coal projects.

We work with clients of all types on sustainability issues and energy conservation plans. Our success is usually measured by the significant savings realized by our clients.

Carbon constraints will be a reality in our energy and industrial world. SMG can help with greenhouse gas inventories and reporting requirements, reduction strategies and permitting. We understand the policy, the law and the issues and can help you find your way through the maze.

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