Environmental Management Services is SMG’s home ground. We started here, helping industry, business and organizations address environmental risks and opportunities derived from the materials they use, the products they provide, the emissions and wastes they generate, and the impact their operations have on the environment. We understand what it means to answer to shareholders as well as to regulators and the community. Our people have been on the inside, operating plants in several industries, managing environmental affairs, and exceeding compliance requirements while staying profitable.

Every development in business, from expansions to acquisitions – from shut downs to equipment changes, requires planning and management. Environmental aspects of these business functions also require the same forethought and management. SMG scientists and engineers have been addressing these issues for more than 25 years. Our work is both proactive and remedial, depending on client needs.

SMG can help with due diligence in acquisitions and address National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) required Environmental Assessments or Environmental Impact Statements. NEPA requires evaluating a wide range of potential impacts and coordination with various agencies throughout site planning and development. We can participate and manage this process to enable you to focus on developing your site. We coordinate with local and public interests, and state and tribal historic preservation offices. We also use our environmental permitting and biological assessment capabilities to address potential concerns from state and federal fish and wildlife protection agencies and obtain project approval from the U.S. Corps of Engineers.

While operating, SMG works with clients to develop management programs that identify compliance obligations, develop systems to manage them and evaluate the effectiveness of these systems. We work with companies to develop Environmental Management Systems that conform with the ISO 14001 standard. We provide audit services to determine compliance with environmental regulations and ISO 14001 conformance. SMG routinely obtains permits for all environmental requirements, develops related plans and engineers’ solutions for waste minimization, remediation and wastewater treatment.

We help companies “go green” by partnering with you to develop ways to reduce your environmental footprint. We develop energy conservation plans and sustainability initiatives that are measurable in the amount of money saved, and the reduced amount of waste generated.

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