Environmental Services is SMG’s home ground. We started here, helping industry, business and organizations address requirements resulting from the materials they use, the waste they generate and the effect their operations have on the environment. We understand what it means to answer to shareholders as well as to regulators and the community. Our people have been on the inside, operating plants in several industries, managing mining operations, and exceeding compliance standards while staying profitable.

Water Management

Water is essential and highly regulated. SMG knows the ins and outs of water permitting – from NPDES discharge and stormwater permits to water withdrawal and water quality certifications. We manage permitting with state and federal water regulators and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. We also work with municipalities and state regulators on pretreatment issues and development of local limits. We manage the resource, design innovative stormwater management systems and mitigate your operation’s effect on the environment – while helping you operate profitably.

Air Quality

Your air permit application can be the most complicated task in developing a facility. This permit requires experienced engineering and credibility with the permit reviewers. SMG actively manages this process. We team with the client and the permit reviewer to answer all questions thoroughly and completely. We negotiate permit conditions with an eye to the operational realities facing the client. Following issuance of the permit, we help keep you in compliance with required evaluations and inventories and the comprehensive record keeping and reporting obligations that come with industrial operations.

Environmental Management & Planning

Every development in business, from expansions to acquisitions – from shut downs to equipment changes, requires planning and management. Environmental aspects of these business functions also require the same forethought and management. SMG scientists and managers have been addressing these issues for more than 20 years. Our work is both remedial and proactive.

We help with due diligence in acquisitions; address the need for NEPA required Environmental Assessments or Environmental Impact Statements; permit, correct or prove compliance with RCRA issues; design remediation for contamination in every environmental media.

We look to the future with ISO 14000 programs, planning and audits. We help companies “go green” and know how to reduce or eliminate your sensitive waste issues.

We partner with you to reduce your footprint on the environment. We develop energy conservation plans and sustainability initiatives that are measurable in the amount of money saved, and the reduced amount of waste generated.

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