As the telecommunications industry continues to grow, it faces an increasingly complex and changing regulatory framework. SMG works with tower developers to fulfill due diligence requirements for property transactions, navigate NEPA requirements, and provide geotechnical and foundation as-built studies for new and existing towers. We work with regulatory interests and stakeholders ranging from the F.C.C. to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Native American Tribal Historic Preservation Officers in fulfilling various regulations unique to the telecommunications industry. We understand the complex and evolving regulatory hurdles facing the industry and our work keeps us up to date with regulatory changes on a national and regional level.

Phase I

We have developed tailored Phase I Environmental Assessments specifically for the telecommunication industry to provide the due diligence required when acquiring property for new site development, or for collocation activities on existing towers.


The National Environmental Policy Act requires tower developers to coordinate site development with various federal and tribal agencies. We facilitate this coordination required under NEPA so you can focus on development of your site. We work with local and public interests, and state and tribal historic preservation officers. We also use our environmental permitting experience to address biological concerns with branches of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Geotechnical Studies and Non-Destructive Foundation Mapping

Construction of cell tower sites results in important design information about the geotechnical features of the site and construction of the foundation support. Many times design documents, construction specifications and as-built drawings are lost or are not transferred to new owners during the sale of a tower site. Because towers are frequently subject to reevaluation due to colocation or changing industry standards, the tower owner needs information about the construction of a tower’s foundation and the soil and rock composition on-site. SMG provides the necessary field personnel, equipment and laboratory analysis to collect, report and analyze geotechnical information. In addition, we provide non-destructive foundation mapping services to complement geotechnical information.

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