The Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 (TSCA) provides EPA with authority to require reporting, record-keeping, testing requirements and restrictions relating to chemical substances and/or mixtures. Did you know that penalties assessed for noncompliance under TSCA can cost a company up to $32,500 per day per violation? 

Companies engaged in the manufacture, processing, distribution, use, import or export of chemical substances, as those terms are expansively defined under TSCA, are potentially subject to the varied requirements of the Act.

Smith Management Group (SMG) has and can successfully navigate the extensive requirements of the rule.  SMG will analyze a company’s current TSCA procedures and work with the company to assist in developing a proactive, cost-effective compliance procedure.  SMG can also facilitate a training program to educate employees about TSCA and the actions that they need to take to maintain compliance with the law.

In addition, SMG works with your company to develop mechanisms that assure adherence with policies that are frequently updated and implemented for TSCA compliance.  Procedures to promptly correct potential violations and prevent future violations can be put into place. SMG has experience conducting TSCA compliance audits, assisted self-reporting of TSCA violations under the EPA’s “Audit Policy”, Section 5 Significant new Use Rules (SNUR), TSCA exemptions (articles, polymers, etc.) and import and export issues.

If your company falls under the requirements of TSCA – or you think it might – contact SMG today.

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