I’ve recently updated my cell phone and am going through the pain of adjusting to the new OS, apps and widgets.  Managing change is painful at times and always involves some adjustments.  One of the many parts of my job is helping clients manage change.  When process changes are planned, there are typically multiple regulations (federal, state and local) which require review and potentially permits.  When environmental regulations change, which they do frequently, there are details to be evaluated and screening which is needed to determine if additional actions are required for compliance.  I spend a lot of my time permitting new facilities and equipment.  Another major component of my work is compliance related planning, monitoring and reporting.  If you need help evaluating how the latest changes affect your business, feel welcome to contact me at SMG (pattym@smithmanage.com).  In addition, SMG’s blog and Regulatory Updates are great tools to help you stay informed of changes to environmental rules.  Check back frequently or ask me to sign you up for our monthly updates.