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EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and Attorney General Eric Holder to Announce Historic Clean Air Act Settlement

New cars are required to have window stickers that clearly identify the car’s fuel economy. The stickers allow car buyers to easily compare one vehicle to another and also to estimate annual fuel costs. Most people accept these numbers as accurate, although there is an understanding that fuel economy estimates are based on idealized testing […]


Researchers at University of Hanover in Germany have come up with “Rain cars, an initiative that aims to use GPS-equipped moving cars as devices to measure rainfall. With a lab equipped with rain simulator, the researchers have been able to put their idea to the test. They placed cars with different wiper systems under the […]

Engine Technology to meet Emission Standards

The engine design of many new cars and light trucks today is close to meeting the latest pollution standards that will require vehicles to emit fewer harmful particles over their lifetimes.  In 2012 California approved standards to reduce emissions from passenger cars to 3 milligrams or a millionth of an ounce, per mile over the 2017-2021 […]