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10 Things You Should Know About Kentucky’s New UIC Program

Kentucky’s Primacy Date for the UIC program was March 21, 2017.  90 days after that date, operators were required to submit to the Ky. Division of Oil & Gas (DOG) the following information: A plugging and abandonment plan as required by 805 KAR 1:110(10); A demonstration of adequate financial responsibility to plug and abandon a […]

EPA Delegates Class II UIC to Kentucky

On March 21, 2017, the EPA delegated authority to administer the Underground Injection Control Class II well program to the Kentucky Division of Oil and Gas (DOG). Achieving primacy is the result of an effort by DOG that began in September of 2014.  Class II UIC wells are typically associated with the natural gas and […]

Kentucky Receives Primacy Approval for Class II Underground Injection Control Program

The October 28, 2016 Federal Register approved primacy for the Kentucky Underground Injection Control (UIC) Class II Program. The final rule will become effective January 26, 2017 unless EPA receives adverse comments by November 28, 2016. Class II wells under the UIC program are used to only to inject fluids associated with oil and natural […]