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Impact of Climate Change on Stormwater Management

In March 2016, the EPA’s Office of Research and Development published a report that discusses EPA’s views on how the management of stormwater will change in response to the impact of climate change. Climate change (e.g., the amount, timing, and intensity of rain events, droughts, and other extreme events), along with land use changes (e.g., development) […]

EPA Requires Energy Producers to Reduce Methane

The EPA has issued a final rule for federal standards to reduce methane emissions from new oil and natural gas wells.  The rule will require energy producers to monitor and limit fugitive emissions during production and transmission of natural gas.  Additionally, regular inspections will also be required for the purpose of finding and correcting methane […]

What’s Up With Global Warming?

With all the hype this weekend in New York concerning global warming or climate change it might be worth injecting some science into the rhetoric.  By the way China, India and Germany have announced they won’t show up to the party. Matt Ridley, a member of the British House of Lords, recently wrote an article […]

EPA releases its Draft FY 2014-18 Strategic Plan

  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced the availability of the Draft FY 2014–2018 EPA Strategic Plan for public review and comment. The agency anticipates the final Strategic Plan will be submitted to Congress in February 2014. The Strategic Plan provides the Agency’s long-term direction and strategies for advancing human health and the […]

The Cost of Obama's Climate Plan

There has been lots of talk lately about climate change and President Obama’s plan to address the issue. For more on Obama’s Climate Change plan, click here. That’s led me to think about how we are funding this plan—and the answer is of course, taxes! So, are we headed down the wrong path in our […]