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SMG providing training at Moonshine U

Scott Smith recently provided a presentation to students at Moonshine University  In July, Scott provided an overview of environmental regulations and issues related to the spirit, wine, and beer industries.   Issues ranged from what to do with waste water and distiller’s grain to siting new facilities.  Students came from several different states and countries to […]

Small Distillers Environmental Permitting Guide

I was excited to attend the Sustainable Spirits Summit 2017 this month.  Copper and Kings was a great venue for the event and did a great job hosting.  Multiple sessions were coordinated and presented by the Kentucky Distiller’s Association and the Kentucky Division of Compliance Assistance.  During the event I was inspired to fill what […]

Small Distillers Environmental Permit Guide

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Kentucky has seen vast growth in the bourbon business including small distilleries or “craft distilleries.”  Such facilities perform industrial operations on a very small to small scale.  Despite the small scale, several environmental regulations may apply depending upon the activities performed and the quantities of materials processed and stored at the facility.  This presents compliance […]