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Department of Labor's Regulatory Agenda Published, Includes OSHA Changes

On May 23, 2014 the full semiannual regulatory agenda for federal agencies was published.  The regulatory agenda for the Department of Labor includes a total of twenty six regulatory entries for OSHA-specific actions. Nine of these regulatory actions are in the prerule stage, seven are in the proposed rule stage and ten of these specific […]

OSHA Issues FY 2014 Budget Justification – Rulemaking Projections

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration has recently issued its budget justification for 2014.  OSHA claims in the justification that enforcement inspections result in safer workplaces and provide employers significant savings through reduced workman’s compensation costs.  Within the funding request OSHA  projects that it will issue four Final Rules (Infectious Disease, […]