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2016 Environmental Regulations Planning – A Look Ahead

As we approach the end of 2015 and consign it to the history books, our attention inevitably turns to what comes next in 2016. For many of us individually, this involves some thoughtful waxing and waning, but for most businesses the next steps are much more pragmatic. From a regulatory perspective, the first quarter of […]

Tis the reporting season!

Tis the semi-annual monitoring report season! Many facilities with KPDES general wastewater discharge permits and/or with air permits have semi -annual reports due on July 28 (DMRs) or July 30 (SAMRs). KPDES Discharge Monitoring Reporting (DMRs) for general industrial stormwater permit KYR00 have a semi-annual reporting deadline of January 28 and July 28. To help […]