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Five Mile Policy Incorporated as Regulation by KY Division of Water

The Kentucky Division of Water (DOW) prohibits discharges from wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) within 5 miles upstream from any public water supply intake. DOW also prohibits a public water supply from being located within 5 miles downstream of a WWTP discharge. These two analogous, yet independent, prohibitions were previously known as the Five Mile Policy. […]

Wastewater Discharges from Wine Industry

Although Kentucky is most famous for bourbon, the wine industry has a growing presence in the Commonwealth and is gaining recognition internationally – in fact, a Western Kentucky winery won Winemaker of the Year at a recent international wine competition. According to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA), there are currently 70 wineries in Kentucky […]

News from Kentucky Division of Water

At Smith Management Group, we work closely with Division of Water and our clients to ensure that our clients are aware of DOW regulatory actions.  With that goal in mind, SMG would like to point out that Kentucky Division of Water has recently: approved the Floyd’s Fork Bacteria TMDL; and received EPA approval on the […]

KDOW to Develop a Nutrient Reduction Strategy

This week, KDOW announced that they are creating a Nutrient Reduction Strategy for the state.  Over the next 30 days, they will continue drafting an outline of the strategy.  A draft plan will be available in January and formal public comment will take place around April. KDOW sees this plan as a consolidated document that will […]

Floyds Fork Update

On November 6th, 2013, KDOW sent an email to various stakeholders regarding the Floyds Fork Watershed Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) efforts.  In the email, DOW said that they “continue to work on model assumptions and TMDL development.”  As part of the update, DOW states that they are continuing to collect data and monitor the […]