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EPA Delegates Class II UIC to Kentucky

On March 21, 2017, the EPA delegated authority to administer the Underground Injection Control Class II well program to the Kentucky Division of Oil and Gas (DOG). Achieving primacy is the result of an effort by DOG that began in September of 2014.  Class II UIC wells are typically associated with the natural gas and […]

EPA Makes Round 2 Final Area Designations for the 2010 1-Hour SO2 NAAQS: Impacts on Kentucky

On June 30, 2016 the EPA made its second round of designations for areas as “nonattainment,” “unclassifiable/attainment,” or “unclassifiable” for the 2010 Primary 1-Hour SO2 National Ambient Air Quality Standard (SO2 NAAQS). This round of designations was required to be completed by July 2, 2016 as a result of a consent decree issued by the […]


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has filed a final brief with the U.S. Court of Appeals (USCA) for the District of Columbia with oral arguments to be heard on June 2, 2016 for USCA Case #15-1363. The case is being heard on an expedited schedule because the U.S. Supreme Court delayed the implementation of the […]

Energy Project Assessment District (EPAD) Proposed for Louisville

A proposed ordinance creating a new Chapter 165 to the Louisville Metro Code of Ordinances to establish an EPAD program pursuant to KRS 65.205 – 65.209 was announced last week. The proposed ordinance would allow eligible property owners to get private financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects and then repay the loans through […]

energy services

Louisville in Top 25 Energy Star Cities for 2016

Louisville is ranked 5th among mid-size cities and is tied with Austin, TX. Louisville is ranked 25th in the nation this year for the number of Energy Star Buildings, with 55 facilities certified as of this year. You will find SMG’s Louisville office list under St. Clair Construction. Take a look at the list and […]