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The EPA’s New Enforcement Agenda

Last week, the EPA’s enforcement agenda for the next three years was announced. While it received little news coverage, the EPA’s enforcement agenda is where the rubber meets the road for the regulated community. This agenda identifies what sectors of the economy will be under tighter scrutiny when it comes to enforcement of environmental regulations. […]

Monitoring Enforcement Activity

I sometimes receive questions related to the number of inspections various types of facilities receive and average penalties which are assessed for violations. EPA’s Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) database is my favorite tool for collecting this type of data. It provides enforcement data for United States facilities regulated under the Clean Water Act […]

EPA Enforcement for FY 2015

EPA has released their annual results of enforcement, referred to as accomplishments, for fiscal year 2015. The agency estimates a value of $7.3 billion to comply with actions taken in response to their enforcement actions. An additional $3.8 billion would have been added to the $7.3 billion total if a number of large cases lodged […]

Water Police: Coming To A Neighborhood Near You?

“Water police” are alive and well in almost every city of any size, enforcing EPA’s stormwater requirements. California has for a long time been a leader of establishing environmental gestapo agencies to either come up with environmental requirement or interesting ways of enforcing their edicts.   The establishment of a new type of water police in […]

Don’t Let Clean Water Act Complacency Get You in Trouble

In response to Clean Water Act violations, William Johnston, the owner of one of North Carolina’s largest dairy farms, was sentenced to four years of probation, six months of which must be spent in home detention, and a fine of $15,000. His company, Tap Root, was also fined $80,000, was placed on a four-year probationary […]