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Required Inspections Following Significant Storm Events

It’s a very busy week for environmental professionals.  Thus, I thought I would put out a reminder about the 2 year, 24-hour storm event stormwater inspections which will be required at some facilities in Louisville this week.  If your facility has coverage under the Kentucky Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (KPDES) General Permit for Stormwater Discharges […]

Changes in Kentucky SARA Title III Emergency Plans

If you aren’t already aware, be on the lookout for changes in Kentucky’s emergency response plans. Tab Q-7 plans are being transitioned to EHS Facility Emergency Response Plans. There is also a form “Facility Annual Certification Letter (FACL)” which will be due annually March 1, beginning in 2018. A DRAFT guidance for facilities DRAFT Emergency […]

Monitoring Enforcement Activity

I sometimes receive questions related to the number of inspections various types of facilities receive and average penalties which are assessed for violations. EPA’s Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) database is my favorite tool for collecting this type of data. It provides enforcement data for United States facilities regulated under the Clean Water Act […]

EPA Enforcement for FY 2015

EPA has released their annual results of enforcement, referred to as accomplishments, for fiscal year 2015. The agency estimates a value of $7.3 billion to comply with actions taken in response to their enforcement actions. An additional $3.8 billion would have been added to the $7.3 billion total if a number of large cases lodged […]

Hazardous Material Tank Permits

Environmental permitting for new developments is more and more often being worked into project schedules and addressed in a comprehensive manner.  I find, however, that for small projects in existing facilities, required permits are often times overlooked.  One of particular importance is a hazardous material tank permit.  State requirements vary.  In Kentucky, hazardous material tanks […]