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Regulatory Update July 2019

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Our Regulatory Update is a periodic summary of issues that we are currently tracking. The regulations we watch address energy, environmental, health, safety, educational issues relating to sustainability and public utilities. This is not an all-encompassing list of all regulations being considered at the state or federal level.

Knock, Knock! Who's There? Your Local, State or Federal Regulator!!

If there was ever a time to be in the anticipatory mode, it’s now.  Being prepared for a regulatory agency inspection of your facility and knowing how to respond to the inspector is imperative. Here are my tips on what to do or say.  Use these as a general guide and modify them to your […]

Melt the snow away with little less salt

With the polar vortex causing relentless snowstorms this winter, cities across the country are running out of road salt.  Road salt which is basically the same salt that we eat is the most inexpensive way to melt the snow. Although a potential lifesaver for everyone on the road, it can be detrimental to environment. More […]

SMG Supports Engineering Education during Engineers Week 2014

Patty Mason, civil engineer at SMG, in conjunction with the East Oldham Middle School PTSA and the seventh grade science teachers will lead DiscoverE at EOMS as part of Engineers’ Week.  The goal of DiscoverE is to help K-12 students discover the exciting worlds of engineering and technology.   The event includes two to three volunteer […]

Constructed Wetlands

There are many different options available to treat wastewater. Some require highly trained operators, some require large amounts of chemicals, and some require expensive equipment. Sometimes, however, the simplest approach can work just as well. Constructed wetlands are an innovative and inexpensive treatment approach that have proven to be a viable wastewater treatment option. They […]