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EPA Seeks Public Comment on Enhancing Transparency for Fracking Chemicals

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a mining technique in which a liquid (usually water) is mixed with sand and chemicals and injected at high pressure into a wellbore to stimulate migration of the target material to the well. There has been much discussion recently about the benefits and risks of this technique. Therefore, on May […]

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Obama's Strategy to Cut Methane Emissions

On Friday March 28, 2014, the Obama administration released its Strategy to Cut Methane Emissions as part of its Climate Action Plan. Methane accounts for nearly 9 percent of the domestic greenhouse gas emissions and is the second largest greenhouse gas after carbon dioxide.  The White House said while methane emissions in the United States […]

Fraidy Cat Frack

Just say “boo” to tame the wastewater from hydraulic fracturing.  Actually, it isn’t quite that simple, but available technology has helped demonstrate that frack water contaminants do exhibit hydrophobic characteristics when electricity is introduced into the waste stream.  Western states are taking advantage of a wastewater treatment process called electrocoagulation (EC) technology.  EC works like […]