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What is a HAB and what’s the big deal about it?

The 2015 Ohio River harmful algal bloom or HAB was first identified on August 19 and was reported as a paint spill around Wheeling, WV at river mile 84. The description of a paint spill is not uncommon, as the algal bloom can have a swirling visual effect. On August 20, the report was confirmed […]

Safe Drinking Water Act Amended to (Indirectly) Address Nutrients

I recently posted a blog about how harmful algal bloom (HAB) advisories are likely a leading indicator of coming numeric nutrient water quality standards in Kentucky. Harmful algal blooms are a visible indicator of eutrophication, which is defined in Kentucky as the enrichment of surface water with nutrients. For more evidence that nutrients are becoming […]

What Does a Harmful Algal Bloom Advisory Mean for Numeric Nutrient Water Quality Standards?

The Kentucky Division of Water and the Kentucky Department for Public Health have issued a harmful algal bloom (HAB) recreational advisory for the Ohio River, including tributary confluences from Meldahl Dam to the West Virginia state line. Harmful algal blooms arise when there are excess nutrients (phosphorus and nitrogen), sunny conditions, warm temperatures and low-flow […]