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Kentucky Senate Considers ending State Mine Safety Inspection for Underground Coal Mines

Under Senate bill 297 filed earlier this month, the state of Kentucky would stop inspecting coal mines for safety violations leaving the job to up to federal inspectors.  Currently Federal regulations require four safety inspections per year in underground coal mines. Kentucky regulations require six more annual safety inspections at underground mines. ( http://www.coalage.com/news/latest/5060-kentucky-may-cut-state-mine-inspection-requirement.html#.VugXiuIrJwp) The […]

health & safety

New Year, New OSHA Recordkeeping and Reporting Rules

Federal OSHA has made two significant changes in their revision of the recordkeeping rule. 1.)    OSHA has updated the list of industries that are exempt from the requirement to keep OSHA injury and illness records. The previous list was based on the Standard Industrial Classification System (SIC) codes. The new list of industries that are […]

OSHA Compliance Initiative on Employers Using Temporary Employees

OSHA has launched an initiative that will focus on protecting temporary employees from recognized workplace hazards.  OSHA compliance officers are being directed to assess whether employers who use temporary workers are complying with their responsibilities to adequately train and protect these employees.  The initiative defines these workers as all employees supplied to a host company […]