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Diary of SMG's Summer Intern - Week 8

Did you know that Kentucky has more miles of running water than any other state in the U.S. except for Alaska? During my time with Smith Management Group I have learned a lot about some of the water quality issues Kentucky faces, especially with waste management. When I graduated college I thought that I was […]

Diary of SMG's Summer Intern: Week 3

A benefit of working in a small firm, such as SMG, is that you are able to work on a variety of projects that require different focuses and analysis rather than only working within one specialized area. This week made me nostalgic of my liberal arts education, because it ranged from phone interviews, to nitrogen […]

Intern Diary: Week 2

It is only my second week interning for Smith Management Group and I have already learned so much! Last week I worked mainly on researching Phase 1 standards and procedures and putting together photo logs of ongoing projects. This week I was able to go on-site with Sara Smith, SMG’s president, and Sarah Carty, an […]

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