Tag: Josiah Frey

Smart Garbage Cans

As the list of “smart” devices grows, you may soon be able to add trash cans in your city to that list.  Finland is one of the first countries to begin using smart trash cans to manage garbage collection efficiency. A small transmitter mounts to the bottom of the trash can lid and lets an […]

Obama’s Climate Change Plan-What Does It Mean?

If you haven’t heard by now, the President has proposed a new climate change plan that aspires to make strides toward curbing America’s impact on carbon dioxide emissions.  While the speech puts forth grand ideas of carbon dioxide emissions reductions and our obligation to meet them, it also provides some ambiguous language when it comes […]

Revision to KPDES Stormwater General Permit for Industrial Activities - How Does It Affect Me?

The Kentucky Division of Water released the latest revision to the KPDES Industrial Stormwater General Permit, making public comment available until April 1, 2013.  This most recent permit draft is less rigorous in key aspects such as numerical water monitoring requirements than the proposal put out in September of 2012.  However, this new permit proposal […]