News from Kentucky Division of Water

At Smith Management Group, we work closely with Division of Water and our clients to ensure that our clients are aware of DOW regulatory actions.  With that goal in mind, SMG would like to point out that Kentucky Division of Water has recently: approved the Floyd’s Fork Bacteria TMDL; and received EPA approval on the […]

EPA approved KY Division of Water’s Floyds Fork Bacteria TMDL

EPA approved KY Division of Water’s (KDOW) Floyds Fork Bacteria TMDL this September. This report, prepared by KDOW, addresses impairments in 18 stream segments that make them impaired for the primary contact recreation (swimming) and secondary contact recreation (boating and wading) designated uses in the Floyds Fork Watershed which is located in Bullitt, Henry, Jefferson, Oldham, […]

Harmful Algal Blooms identified in several Kentucky Lakes

KDOW and USACE have confirmed the presence of potentially harmful algal blooms (HABs), or cyanobacteria exceeding safety threshold levels at several lakes in KY including Barren River Lake, Nolin Reservoir, Green River Lake, Rough River Lake, Taylorsville Lake and Greenbriar Creek reservoir in Montgomery County. The Department of Public Health, Kentucky Department of Fish and […]

KDOW to Develop a Nutrient Reduction Strategy

This week, KDOW announced that they are creating a Nutrient Reduction Strategy for the state.  Over the next 30 days, they will continue drafting an outline of the strategy.  A draft plan will be available in January and formal public comment will take place around April. KDOW sees this plan as a consolidated document that will […]

EPA Rules on Selenium Regulations

On November 15th, the Kentucky Division of Water received notice that the EPA approved part of the proposed water quality standards for selenium put forth in May 2013.  The EPA approved Kentucky’s chronic water criteria and the practice of fish tissue sampling to determine compliance.  However, Kentucky’s acute water criteria was rejected by the EPA, […]