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Local Limits Re-evaluation Submission Document

The Pretreatment section of KY Division of Water now has a Local Limits Re-evaluation Submission Document that needs to be submitted by the Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTWs) at the time of re-evaluation of local limits. The general Pretreatment Regulations establish responsibilities of Federal, State, and local government, industry and the public to implement Pretreatment […]

Up and Coming: Two New Kentucky Pollution Discharge Elimination System (KPDES) General Permits for Coal Mining

On May 15, 2014, public notice was submitted for the proposed issuance of the two new general permits for coal mining in Kentucky by the Kentucky Division of Water (DOW).  The public notice includes two new general permits for coal mining.  The first is General Permit KYGE40000 for coal mining operations located in the eastern […]

Revision to KPDES Stormwater General Permit for Industrial Activities - How Does It Affect Me?

The Kentucky Division of Water released the latest revision to the KPDES Industrial Stormwater General Permit, making public comment available until April 1, 2013.  This most recent permit draft is less rigorous in key aspects such as numerical water monitoring requirements than the proposal put out in September of 2012.  However, this new permit proposal […]

SMG Talks About Water Quality And Bona Fide Purchaser Process

Environmental affairs were the subject of discussion on March 5th and 6th during the Kentucky Chamber Environmental Conference, held in Lexington.  The conference format was more complex this year with multiple breakout session and a lot more topics, covered in depth.  SMG was deeply involved in the conference with Scott Smith serving on the planning […]

SMG Represents Clients at the Floyds Fork TAC

SMG serves as a representative for several clients on the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for the Floyds Fork nutrient TMDL.  The fourth TAC meeting was held on February 20, 2013.  The issue that dominated the meeting was the nutrient targets for the watershed that have been developed by Kentucky Division of Water (KDOW).  Targets are basically […]