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EPA’s Proposed Methane Updates Estimated to Cost New Landfills $471,000 Annually

According to EPA, methane is a “potent greenhouse gas” that accounts for nearly 9 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.  Since 1990, methane pollution in the United States has decreased by 11 percent, even as activities that can produce methane have increased.  However, methane pollution is projected to increase to over […]

Halloween Fun Continues with Orange Pumpkins Turning Green

Halloween is incomplete without Pumpkins. The pumpkins are delightfully crafted to create jack-o-lanterns.  But within days of Halloween I as I was driving around houses, I noticed that the trash bins by the roadside were full of pumpkins.  The pumpkins had gone straight into household trash causing a huge volume increase in household waste.  This waste can be […]