Detailed Re-evaluation of Local Limits

This month’s blog is a continuation of my previous blog on detailed re-evaluation of local limits. Re-evaluation of local limits must be carried out periodically to ensure protective limits and operation and POTWs may wish to review local limits when preparing their annual Pretreatment Program Reports. However, a detailed re-evaluation is necessary when there is […]

Local Limits: Review and Detailed Re-Evaluation

Reviews and re-evaluations are necessary for local limits calculations.  The regulatory requirement comes from 40 CFR 122.44(j)(2)(ii), which states that POTWs must provide a written technical evaluation of the need to revise local limits under 40 CFR 403.5 (c)(1), following permit issuance or re-issuance. EPA suggests performing periodic evaluation of local limits be tied to the […]

Determination of Pollutants of Concern

In this blog, which serves as a follow up to previous entries, I’ll discuss the first of the 5 basic steps I previously mentioned.  As you may remember, these are the steps involved in developing local limits through MAHL approach. Step 1 is Determine the Pollutants of Concern (POCs):    A POC is any pollutant that might reasonably be […]