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US Supreme Court Invalidates MATS for Power Plants

On Monday, June 29, 2015,  the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled 5-4 against the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) implementation of Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (“MATS” /40 CFR Part 63 Subpart UUUUU ) rule that was promulgated in 2012 for electric utility steam generating utilities (EGUs). SCOTUS said the EPA incorrectly interpreted […]

EPA Proposes Dental Amalgam Pretreatment Effluent Guidelines

Across the United States, municipalities are working to reduce the discharge of mercury to wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs).  Mercury is a bioaccumulative toxic pollutant that can cause a variety of adverse health effects in humans.  In water, certain microorganisms can change mercury into methylmercury, a highly toxic form that builds up in fish, shellfish, and […]

Mercury Mishap

Not long ago at the Mason house we experienced a broken glass/mercury thermometer.  Being in the environmental profession, I was fairly confident in my cleanup skills.  To be cautious, however, I referred to a fact sheet from the Kentucky Environmental & Public Protection Cabinet for guidance.   You can find it online at http://dep.ky.gov/Documents/MercurySpills.pdf.  It is […]