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Control Techniques Guidelines (CTG) for the Oil and Natural Gas Industry

On Oct. 20, 2016, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued guidelines for reducing volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from existing oil and natural gas equipment.   These guidelines are referred to as “Control Techniques Guidelines (CTG) for the Oil and Natural Gas Industry“.  EPA states “CTGs are not regulations and do not impose legal requirements on […]

EPA Requires Energy Producers to Reduce Methane

The EPA has issued a final rule for federal standards to reduce methane emissions from new oil and natural gas wells.  The rule will require energy producers to monitor and limit fugitive emissions during production and transmission of natural gas.  Additionally, regular inspections will also be required for the purpose of finding and correcting methane […]

Fraidy Cat Frack

Just say “boo” to tame the wastewater from hydraulic fracturing.  Actually, it isn’t quite that simple, but available technology has helped demonstrate that frack water contaminants do exhibit hydrophobic characteristics when electricity is introduced into the waste stream.  Western states are taking advantage of a wastewater treatment process called electrocoagulation (EC) technology.  EC works like […]