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USEPA Reconsiders Provisions in Oil & Natural Gas Sector NSPS

On April 18, 2017, Scott Pruitt, Administrator of the US EPA, responded to several petitions submitted by the American Petroleum Institute, Texas Oil and Gas Association, Independent Associations and GPA Midstream Association dated August 2, 2016 requesting reconsideration of provisions in USEPA’s Oil and Natural Gas Sector NSPS: Emission Standards for New, Reconstructed and Modified […]

VOC Rules For Oil & Gas Tanks Under Scrutiny

EPA released new proposed rules for VOC Performance Standards for storage tanks used in oil and gas production.  The VOC Rules issued in 2012 came under attack from industry as not feasible or unreasonable.  The proposed rule issued on March 28, 2013 addresses some of those concerns.  EPA stated it plans to continue revisions during […]