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Anticipate the Hurdles - Wetland Delineation

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Whoever said “what you don’t know won’t hurt you” would be pretty awful at project management.  Often our success as a consultant hinges on the ability to anticipate an environmental permitting hurdle early in the process.  Nobody finishes the race unscathed by blindly barreling through every hurdle in the way.  But just knowing where the […]

Small Distillers Environmental Permitting Guide

I was excited to attend the Sustainable Spirits Summit 2017 this month.  Copper and Kings was a great venue for the event and did a great job hosting.  Multiple sessions were coordinated and presented by the Kentucky Distiller’s Association and the Kentucky Division of Compliance Assistance.  During the event I was inspired to fill what […]

Permits and Off-Permit Requirements: What Do They Look Like and How Can You Manage Them?

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SMG’s job has always been to help the regulated community deal with the issues and requirements facing them in as efficient and comprehensive a way as possible. That is just getting harder and harder. This article is designed to help the regulated community best manage Permit Requirements Part 1 of 2 parts.    


Duke Energy Coal Ash Settlement

Last week, Duke Energy, the nation’s largest electric power company pleaded guilty in federal court to illegal pollution for discharging ash and water from leaking coal-ash dumps at five North Carolina power plants.  The company’s plea to nine misdemeanor counts involved violations of the Clean Water Act was part of a negotiated settlement with federal […]

Retroactive Veto Upheld!

On Tuesday, April 23, 2013, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals upheld EPA’s power to retroactively veto a permit that was validly issued four years prior to EPA’s action.  The court pointed out language in the Clean Water Act granting power to the EPA Administrator to deny or restrict use of any defined area “whenever […]