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Changes Coming to KPDES Application Fees

The KPDES application filing fee, established by law in KRS 224.70-120, previously required the applicant to submit 20% of the individual permit fee with the application. The fees are identified in 401 KAR 5:310 Section 1 as:  Major Industry – $7,000 Minor Industry – $4,500 Non-Process Industry – $2,200 Large Non-POTW – $3,700 Intermediate Non-POTW […]

EPA Publishes TSCA Reform First Year Implementation Plan

When congress passed the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act, the act significantly amended the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) which had not been updated in 40 years. With this major reform signed into law, the clock begins to tick on important deadlines and milestones that the EPA must meet in […]

Safe Drinking Water Act Amended to (Indirectly) Address Nutrients

I recently posted a blog about how harmful algal bloom (HAB) advisories are likely a leading indicator of coming numeric nutrient water quality standards in Kentucky. Harmful algal blooms are a visible indicator of eutrophication, which is defined in Kentucky as the enrichment of surface water with nutrients. For more evidence that nutrients are becoming […]

Interim Joint Committee on Natural Resources hears Bluegrass Pipeline Testimony

Yesterday’s Interim Joint Natural Resources Committee meeting proved controversial due to the discussion of the new Bluegrass Pipeline.  The committee room as well as an overflow room were full of both supporters and mainly protestors.  At issue were safety and environmental concerns, and eminent domain issues. The Bluegrass Pipeline’s developers – Williams and Boardwalk Pipeline […]