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Where can you find SMG?

SMG professionals are all over the map.  On any given day we will be in Virginia, West Virginia or Kentucky looking at compliance with Clean Water Act or Clean Air Act regulations.  We may be sampling asbestos in a grocery chain warehouse in the southeast.  You can find us looking at auto body shops in […]

VOC Rules For Oil & Gas Tanks Under Scrutiny

EPA released new proposed rules for VOC Performance Standards for storage tanks used in oil and gas production.  The VOC Rules issued in 2012 came under attack from industry as not feasible or unreasonable.  The proposed rule issued on March 28, 2013 addresses some of those concerns.  EPA stated it plans to continue revisions during […]

SMG Talks About Water Quality And Bona Fide Purchaser Process

Environmental affairs were the subject of discussion on March 5th and 6th during the Kentucky Chamber Environmental Conference, held in Lexington.  The conference format was more complex this year with multiple breakout session and a lot more topics, covered in depth.  SMG was deeply involved in the conference with Scott Smith serving on the planning […]

SMG welcomes Muscle Wall to the Region!

SMG hosted informational meetings for two days this month, introducing Muscle Wall technology to builders, developers, city engineers and anyone who has an interest in water quality.  We are excited about this new product.  So far we have developed ideas for dozens of applications for the simple “lego-like” design that can be used for stormwater compliance, […]