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Scott Smith Offers His Prospective on Energy Production in the Commonwealth

Scott R. Smith, a senior consultant at Smith Management Group, is quoted in an article published by the Lane Report.  The article focuses on investment and development activities for energy production in Kentucky.  As a contributor to the article, Scott suggests that jobs in the growing natural gas industry could supplant jobs that are being […]

Beware - EPA Inspectors are Looking for 112(r) Violations in Kentucky

EPA is back in Kentucky conducting Risk Management Program Inspections under Clean Air Act Section 112(r).  If you recall, Kentucky gave this program  back to EPA about 4 or 5 years ago.  I was notified by a client that EPA had contacted them and a facility inspection was conducted by the agency on Wednesday, March […]

Scott R. Smith to Head Lexington's Stormwater Advisory Committee

Scott Smith, a senior consultant at SMG, has recently been elected to head Lexington, Kentucky’s Stormwater Stakeholder Advisory Committee.  Scott accepted this challenge because he agrees that stormwater should be a priority to our communities and if we aren’t careful we can adversely impact our streams.  The protection of our streams requires a broad based approach and […]