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Scott Smith's Washington D.C. Trip - An Overview

I made my annual week-long visit to D.C. last week.  While I frequently communicate with legislators and regulators as part of my responsibilities as head of SMG’s Governmental Affairs group, my annual visit allows me to meet with various lawmakers and policy-makers in order to more fully understand upcoming issues and hot topics.  Over the next few weeks, I will provide some […]

SMG Talks About Water Quality And Bona Fide Purchaser Process

Environmental affairs were the subject of discussion on March 5th and 6th during the Kentucky Chamber Environmental Conference, held in Lexington.  The conference format was more complex this year with multiple breakout session and a lot more topics, covered in depth.  SMG was deeply involved in the conference with Scott Smith serving on the planning […]

Scott R. Smith Serves on Commerce Lexington Board of Directors

Scott R. Smith has been confirmed as a member of the Commerce Lexington Board of Directors for 2013. Scott has served on the Public Policy Committee for several years and has assisted Commerce Lexington in understanding and commenting on numerous aspects of environmental and energy issues that may impact Central Kentucky businesses. His experience with […]

Scott R. Smith Elected as Chairman of the Environmental Quality Commission

Once again, Scott R. Smith has been elected to serve the Commonwealth of Kentucky as Chairman of the Environmental Quality Commission for 2012. Mr. Smith has served as a Commissioner since 2004 and has served as Chairman of the Commission since his initial appointment. Mr. Smith said, “I am honored to continue to serve the […]