The EPA’s New Enforcement Agenda

Last week, the EPA’s enforcement agenda for the next three years was announced. While it received little news coverage, the EPA’s enforcement agenda is where the rubber meets the road for the regulated community. This agenda identifies what sectors of the economy will be under tighter scrutiny when it comes to enforcement of environmental regulations. […]

Hazardous Material Tank Permits

Environmental permitting for new developments is more and more often being worked into project schedules and addressed in a comprehensive manner.  I find, however, that for small projects in existing facilities, required permits are often times overlooked.  One of particular importance is a hazardous material tank permit.  State requirements vary.  In Kentucky, hazardous material tanks […]

SMG presents at the 13th Annual Kentucky Environmental Conference

The 13th Annual Kentucky Environmental Conference is being held in Lexington, KY on February 10-11, 2015.  The conference will focus on Kentucky and federal environmental policies and regulations with information about new environmental compliance mandates.  Smith Management Group will be presenting two different presentations. SMG’s Patricia Mason will present a Crash Course on SPCC and […]

SPCC and GPP: A Crash Course

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Learn the latest developments and regulatory requirements for spill plans and groundwater protection plans. Presented at the 13th Annual Environmental Conference for the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.

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New Amendments Offer Cost Savings on SPCC Plans

Did you know that amendments to the Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Rule (40 CFR 112) include streamlined procedures for smaller facilities?  Specifically, the SPCC rule allows for streamlined procedures for Tier I and Tier II Qualified Facilities.  In summary, to qualify as either a Tier I or Tier II facility: the total aboveground […]

Amy Osborn ,SPCC