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Hazardous Material Tank Permits

Environmental permitting for new developments is more and more often being worked into project schedules and addressed in a comprehensive manner.  I find, however, that for small projects in existing facilities, required permits are often times overlooked.  One of particular importance is a hazardous material tank permit.  State requirements vary.  In Kentucky, hazardous material tanks […]

NSPS for Oil and Natural Gas Storage Vessels

Engineers at Smith Management Group are prepared to assist our clients in complying with New Source Performance Standards (NSPSs) for the Oil and Natural Gas Sector.  Storage tanks used in oil or natural gas production and transmission are subject to EPA’s 2012 NSPS for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) if they have the potential to emit […]

EPA updates VOC Performance Standards for the Storage Tanks

EPA has issued final updates to its 2012 VOC performance standards for storage tanks used in crude oil and natural gas production and transmission. The updates will ensure the tanks likely to have the highest emissions are controlled first, while providing tank owners and operators time to purchase and install VOC controls. The amendments reflect […]