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2016 EPCRA “How to Comply”

The 2016 Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know (EPCRA) “How to Comply” packet is available from the Kentucky Emergency Management Commission. Another new document is the 2016 Quick Start Guide, EPCRA – How to Comply which offers step by step directions for completing Tier II reports and making payment using EPA’s Tier2 Submit software and the […]

Change Announced to Kentucky’s “Sulfuric Acid Battery Facility Policy”

Many facilities in Kentucky have been subject to emergency planning requirements solely because of their industrial batteries which contain sulfuric acid.  The Kentucky Emergency Response Commission’s “Sulfuric Acid Battery Facility Policy,” originally enacted on 24 July 2003, which required local emergency planning committees (LEPCs) to develop TAB Q-7 plans for all facilities with lead acid […]