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EPA Moving in on Retail

EPA is beginning to put together regulatory and guidance strategies for retailers covering a broad range of issues such as hazardous waste management, disposal of aerosol cans, etc.  This month, the Agency has released the, “Strategy for Addressing the Retail Sector under RCRA’s Regulatory Framework.” I’ve attached a recent blog by an EPA Administrator regarding […]

Proposed Rule: EPA RCRA Hazardous Waste Generator Rules

As we informed you in the last blog, the EPA Administrator signed the proposed Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule on August 31, 2015. A pre-publication copy has been circulated and published at http://www2.epa.gov/hwgenerators/proposed-rule-hazardous-waste-generator-improvements. The proposed changes will have an effect for large, small and conditionally exempt small quantity generators. The proposed rule was published in […]

City of Vancouver launches cigarette waste recycling program

The City of Vancouver launched a new pilot program called “The Cigarette Waste Brigade” to recycle cigarette waste (i.e. cigarette butts). It is the first cigarette waste recycling program in the world. The program launched in November 2013 with the installation of 110 new cigarette recycling receptacles in downtown Vancouver. The goal of the program […]

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Global Natural Resource Supply and Demand

This past Tuesday, August 20th was an annual milestone that most of us were probably unaware of – Earth Overshoot Day.  On Monday analysts projected that we consumed more and produced more waste than our planet can replenish or reabsorb.  The first day when this happened was December 29th in 1970, and Earth Overshoot Day […]