Tag: Water Quality Standards

EPA Investigating Switch from Bacterial to Viral Indicator for Recreational Water Quality

The EPA is developing recreational water quality criteria (RWQC) for coliphage, a viral indicator, to ensure public health protection when recreating in water bodies that may be affected by human fecal contamination. The new criteria are expected to be released in 2018. The use of a viral indicator represents a significant change from current practice. […]

EPA Updates National Recommended Water Quality Criteria

In 2015, EPA updated the national recommended human health water quality criteria for 94 chemical pollutants to reflect the latest scientific information and to take into account current exposure factors (body weight, drinking water intake, fish consumption rate), bioaccumulation factors, and toxicity factors (reference dose, cancer slope factor). A comparison of the updated and previous […]

KY Division of Water to Hold Listening Sessions for 2015 Triennial Review

The Clean Water Act requires the Kentucky Division of Water (DOW) to conduct a comprehensive review of the state water quality standards at 401 KAR Chapter 10 every three years.  This Triennial Review provides an opportunity for input from all interested parties, including members of the public.  As part of the 2015 Triennial Review, DOW […]

EPA's Regulation for Water Quality Standards is Coming

Almost a year and a half ago EPA released its proposed rule for new Water Quality Standards (click here for the announcement).  The comment period for the proposed rule closed in January 2014 and last month (January 2015) EPA finally sent the final rule to OMB for regulatory review.  We anticipate that the rule will […]

EPA Recognizes Market-Based Nutrient Trading Program

The EPA, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the White House Council on Environmental Quality recently recognized a market-based nutrient trading program run by the Commonwealth of Virginia. The nutrient trading program works to offset increases in phosphorus loads by creating a market supply and demand for land capture and storage of nutrients. For […]