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Ongoing Fallout: WOTUS Litigation Pose Hurdles For Permit Applicants

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In August of this year, the U.S. District Court of South Carolina halted a federal moratorium on the 2015 Obama era WOTUS rule for 22 states.  As a result, two different federal definitions are being applied in states across the country as to what constitutes a “water of the US”.  Naturally this is problematic for […]

Wetland Delineation Training

It’s been busy around SMG keeping our clients up to date with various regulations.  We have also been busy keeping our staff on top of pressing and influential regulations through training events.  I recently attended a week-long wetland delineation training course in Bucks County, Pennsylvania put on by The Swamp School.  The training covered the […]

Constructed Wetlands

There are many different options available to treat wastewater. Some require highly trained operators, some require large amounts of chemicals, and some require expensive equipment. Sometimes, however, the simplest approach can work just as well. Constructed wetlands are an innovative and inexpensive treatment approach that have proven to be a viable wastewater treatment option. They […]

Finally! A Good Use for Recycled Plastics!

The New York Times NY Times Floating Islands to the Rescue published an article on Wednesday April 24 about an innovative way to duplicate the function of the Mississippi watershed wetlands that have been disappearing in recent years.  Small scale “islands” are created within the watershed, using cast-off soda bottles and other plastic and seeding […]