The Kentucky Stormwater Association hosted their first quarterly meeting of 2013 in Elizabethtown on March 26, 2013.  MS4 communities with stream segments listed on the 303(d) List of KY Surface Waters as impaired for not meeting designated uses as described in 401 KAR 10:026 should expect a TMDL to be developed by the Division of Water in the future.  The particular causes of impairment determine “who” or “what activity” will be impacted by the restricted allocations of the TMDL.  The concern for MS4s are stream impairments caused by “urban runoff” or “storm sewers”.  TMDLs have not been developed and are not currently in development for 85% of listed streams caused by all sources of pollution – there is still time to clean up the streams in your MS4 community! However, if your community needs help coming up with a plan, Smith Management Group can help.