EPA has published a final rule requiring facilities to report all non-trade secret Toxics Release Inventory data to EPA using the TRI-MEweb online reporting application. This rule is effective from January 21, 2014.  Once the rule becomes effective, facilities submitting non-trade secret TRI reporting forms for the 2013 TRI reporting year (forms due on July 1, 2014) or prior reporting years must report electronically.

This rule also requires facilities to electronically submit any revisions or withdrawals of previously submitted TRI reporting forms.  Facilities may revise or withdraw TRI forms going back to reporting year (RY) 1991, but not for years prior to this.

The few facilities that submit trade secret TRI information will continue to submit their trade secret reporting forms and substantiation forms in hard copy, as well as any revisions or withdrawals of previously submitted trade secret information.

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